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What our doctors have to say

Dr Albert Geris

Emergency Senior Registrar

"I am sending this email to express my sincere thankfulness to you for what you did for me and I really appreciate your kind gesture and want to thank you for helping me in my tough time. JPS are indeed a very good professional recruitment agency for oversees doctors ,and I really was fortunate to had a recruiter like you Lisa. You personally think about your applicants problems and also take effort in solving them. Thank you for the time, effort, and patience you have given me to be able to work in Australia, you have not stopped impressing me with your support, starting from arranging the hospital interview for me and facilitating my registration process and helping me in every step in the new job and even after starting my new job, you did not stop helping me and supporting me. I wish you and your team great success."

Dr Hanady Chamieh

Paediatric Trainee

"I am an overseas trained doctor and I have met Lisa while searching for a job in Australia. Lisa is one of the best recruiters I have ever dealt with. She believed in me from day 1 and gave me helpful advices. I always felt like her only client. She would follow things up with hospitals and give me timely updates."

Michael Herd

Paediatrician at Starship Children's Hospital,
Auckland District Health Board

"Lisa has been a godsend to me. Lisa has actively searched for and found locum work for me on many occasions. She provides excellent advice on getting the administrative details right for each locum. Lisa also expertly guided me through AHPRA application process. I highly recommend Lisa to other hospital consultants who are looking for locum work in Australia. You won't need another locum agent if you have Lisa on your side."

Dr Ankur Sharma

Advance Trainee at Rockingham General Hospital

"I don't know where to start appreciating Lisa. She is a very dedicated person and committed too. She is the one who got me my 1st Job prospect from Australia and keeps me updated about where to look for. I would be very keen on recommending her as a person as well as a professional who does her work very sincerely and takes it to then end where you need it to be."

Ibrahim Elmezayen

Emergency Medicine Physician, Ramsay Health Group

"It’s absolutely a great experience working with Lisa and she has done a great effort to help me. She is very helpful recruiter and believes in her clients and works on what’s suitable and matches with experience."

Dr Mina Nessim

Emergency Doctor

"Lisa is a very attentive, smart recruitment agent to work with, even with the very tiny details. I highly recommend her."

Dr Monir Abusharib

Emergency Doctor

"Being an international medical graduate, I always would hear how difficult it would be to gain an employment in Australia in terms of getting interviews and paper work required. Not until a friend of mine gave the contact of Ms Lisa McNair, and he told me: Monir.. Ms Lisa will get you here and will take care of everything ... You don't have to worry, just drop her an email. As soon as I emailed her she responded to my email and upon reviewing my CV we discussed what type of job I'd be interested in, and my personal preferences and within a week or so she got me an interview 😎 , and when I didn't manage that one she got me more interviews till I found a suitable job in a wonderful place. That was just the start of her generous relentless support, cause the process of registration at AHPRA would be a nightmare if not because of her step by step guidance through all the applications and documents required. Whilst awaiting my visa which was a very stressful time, Ms Lisa would email every now and then checking how I'm doing and reassuring me. When the clock was kicking and start packing to head to Australia she made sure that I get a good idea about every move I'm going to take even where to get a SIM card from, she sent me useful links about renting a car, a house, how to go about driving license .. She literally took care of everything to make sure my transition would be as smooth as possible. Overall, Ms Lisa has made my dream a reality, and I appreciate her for always going the extra mile for her doctor's."

Dr Ibrahim Youssef

Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatrics Arab Board

"It gives a great pleasure to write a recommendation for Ms. McNair to whom I had the opportunity to work with during my relocation to Australia . Ms. McNair is highly competent, enthusiastic and hard working person. She has all experience required to finish her job with excellence. Her interaction and response to my queries is exemplary make her an extraordinary pleasant person. I have no hesitation in recommending her with the highest remarks. I am sure she will be a shining star wherever she goes."

Dr Ahmed Soliman

Emergency Medicine

"Really, I want to thank her for her great efforts & marvellous work done by her step by step through multi-stage process to get me here in Australia. I believe that God helped me a lot by reaching her to get me a job opportunity here. I think no words are enough to describe my respect & appreciating her. I wish I could meet her to say thanks. I am sure I will guide my friends to contact her if trying to get here to Australia."

Dr Shaimaa Attia

Emergency Medicine Registrar

"Thank you Lisa for everything Really, you are excellent recruiter, perfect problem solver. I face a lot of struggles but you solved all for me with your wisdom opinions. You are ready to help all the time even in weekends. You are following your client till the last destination. I recommend you as perfect recruiter."

Dr Joelene Ralph

Anaesthesia Registrar at Central Adelaide Local Health Network

"Lisa goes above and beyond. She not only sought out a position for me that would lead to career progression, but built a relationship with me and ensured that I would be happy in the new environment. She managed most of the paperwork and provided much needed support. I’m forever grateful to this phenomenal woman."

Dr Manal Saad

General medicine Registrar Victoria

"I can’t find the words to describe Lisa! She is very committed, highly professional, and amazingly proactive, she always responds to my concerns before I even bring them up, she showed so much care and respect to my situation, and even when it came to the point that she has done her role as an recruiter, she was still involved in the rest of the process, by advice and connections, she really cares. She is amazing, added to all the professionalism she showed, she is nice, kind and does NOT have a weekend or vacation, she was still responding to me even when she was on vacations. I really like her as a person and respects her as a professional. I would certainly highly recommend her to all doctors who would be interested to practice in the west, she is awesome."

Dr Barahi Rimal

Medical Doctor

"Lisa is excellent at listening to and understanding her client's needs. Lisa worked with me to ascertain my strengths, provided me with confidence and feedback to significantly enhance my CV. Lisa offered a few employment prospects and helped me find an employment environment that really suits my needs. I found Lisa to be a great communicator and very genuine with her intentions."

Dr Dylan Mordaunt

Clinician, Scientist, Leader, Director of Medical Services

"Lisa was brilliant. She was immensely helpful on a new journey and navigating all the regulatory and organisational steps in recruitment. Thank you!"

Dr Gabor Kalotay

Intensive Care Doctor - Toowoomba

"I have worked with Lisa in the area of medical recruitment/locum sourcing for the past 7 years. In that time I have found Lisa to be an outstanding locum manager. Lisa consistently finds challenging and rewarding locum assignments. Her locum assignment recommendations are always carefully considered, taking into account one's level of experience; available support/supervision; and, often most importantly, the practical implications for one's dependents - in my case a young family. Lisa is also always aware of where one is working and will not continue to send other locum assignments over the same period - a rather annoying practice that I have frequently encountered with other agencies/managers. In short, even at times of high stress and workload, Lisa remains the consummate professional and frankly, from my perspective, I can think of no other that I would recommend, without hesitation, in this field of endeavour."

Dr Zaid Shaheedy

Senior Emergency Medicine Registrar,
St John of God

"Lisa was my agent for the past 2 years, who was the main reason I landed a job in Australia, she is kind, warm and very professional, hardworking, dedicated person, she gets the job well done in a very short time, she understands my requirements and provides me with the suitable offer, she always updates me with any news and helps me get my papers done effortlessly. I would really appreciate this Lady who can teach others how the job could be done professionally. I would always recommend her and wish her all the best in her life and a successful future."

Dr Ali Koshari

Geriatrician and General Physician

"Lisa found me the first Locum job I did as a consultant and it was one of my best working experiences that I had in past few years. Professional, caring, enthusiastic and very nice person to work with . Highly recommended!"

Dr Vivek Mutha


"Highly recommended for anyone seeking to locum. Exemplary service and attention to detail."

Dr Malcolm Wright

Senior Physician

"I was in the process of retiring from full time medical practice. Lisa's help was invaluable in locating a suitable locum and walking me through the minutiae of certification and credentialing. She was thorough and meticulous with the result that obtaining credentialling in another health care environment was eventually simple and on time and I was able to start work. I'm most grateful for the support and also one in post she called me a number of times to check on my experience and whether the position had met my expectations. A true professional. Many thanks."

Dr David Long

Chief Medical Officer at Geelong Cats

"Lisa has been helping me with Locum placements for several years. She's always been great to work with. Friendly and efficient at the same time! Thanks Lisa!"

Dr Mohamed Shalan

"Lisa is very helpful , co cooperative and encouraging. It was a pleasure contacting her . I recommend her always."

Dr Hanaa Osman

Senior HMO at GV Health, Shepparton

"How can I describe LISA? Lionhearted Approachable Sensible and last but not least Adaptable Lisa is a good very person when it comes to helping doctors who seek working in Australia, she literally knows all the working conditions there and actually never keeps quite till she finds you a good offer. She is energetic and keeps her candidates up to date with all the required documents and procedures till they settle there. She has always been knowledgeable with her customers’ conditions and circumstances; moreover, she tries her best to give them a help whenever is convenient and possible. She accepts any of your inquiries at all times and answers them with passion and care. I have listened to all her precious advices which have helped me a lot. I would recommend Lisa to anyone Overseas physicians who want to complete their career life in Australia. She will be very meticulous with your C.Vs and fulfills your current dreams. Knowing her for a couple of months, I am pretty sure her future company will be one of the most prestigious employment agencies in Australia. I feel very happy for her and I really wish her the best of luck. I honestly appreciate her continuous support to me. Lisa, you are simply an amazing person who I feel proud to be on your contact list. Keep it up."

Dr Amr Bakry

Emergency Physician

"Really I strongly recommend Lisa for all doctors who want to move to Australia . She helped me a lot and she has a lovely working way . I wish her good luck with her own recruitment company."

Dr Ehab Badawy

Emergency Registrar Bunbury Regional Hospital

"Lisa is a very active recruitment consultant who helped me a lot and did fantastic efforts to put me in a job to in Australia. She's very active and keen on her clients."


Emergency Medicine

"Lisa , is an extraordinary active recruiter , very supportive, with active follow up to her clients, loyal to her job , working hardly . I have a great nice wonderful experience with her , she started with me from my CV , she worked hardly to organize it in a very good impressive manner, then she started to organize an interviews with me with comprehensive instructions of how to pass the interview, then she followed my AHPRA registration step by step like my wonderful teacher, until I got registration. I think, I will not get a job without Lisa . She is one of the best persons I saw and experienced in my life . God bless you Lisa. You deserve the best."

Dr Ahmed Al-Safi

Emergency Physician

"Lisa, is one of the best recruiters you may deal with , she is hard worker, expert , loyal to her job , she has the keys of recruiting you , starting from organizing your cv in perfect condition, contacting the hospitals who need your speciality , preparing you with all details needed for interview, fighting for you to get an opportunity for job , knows comprehensive-details of AHPRA registration. She will follow you until you settle in your job . I recommend here as a perfect consultant recruiter you ever deal in your life , she has the keys to change your fate to the best . God bless you Lisa."

Dr Halyna Arych

Medical Officer at Mildura Base Public Hospital

"Big thanks to Lisa! I really appreciate her help in getting my first job in Australia. She was brilliant on all stages of my interaction with her. I passed my AMC 1 and AMC Clinical exams and couldn’t find job. Then Lisa contacted me. She guided me through all job requirements in Australia and provided with very useful recommendations. As a result, I got my first job in Australia. Lisa, you are unbelievable! I am very happy I got your help in getting job! I would like to recommend Lisa to everyone as the best specialist in medical recruitments!"

Dr Fayez Hanna

Clinical PhD Candidate

"Lisa was my most real employment supporter. She reformatted and assisted in preparing my CV, applied for many hospital positions for me, presented me in the best image to hospitals and arranged interviews for me. She prepared AHPRA papers with the hospitals. She also communicate with AHPRA to fasten my application process. I feel like she was working 24/7 for me. She responded to my email, calls and messages any time throughout day, after hours, or weekends. She did the same with my friend that she worked with to secure work for. She makes doctors feel that she works only for them. I have never meet someone who is so dedicated to a position like her. You will never ever feel safe and supported with anyone like you will with Lisa. I strongly recommend her and her company. Thank you Lisa for being my backbone throughout my journey. Sorry if I could not write all of what you did and doing for me. You are the best."

Dr Hussein Yassin

Emergency Doctor

"Lisa is a true professional recruitment officer She has helped me find a job during the most difficult times of our lives. Yes, she did help me secure a job during the start of the COVID pandemic. During my journey of searching a job till I started working she was available for prompt response and support. Actually, she went above and beyond in every angle easing to process for me and the hospital. She is professional, dedicated and problem solver. 5 stars goes to Lisa without a doubt."

Dr Pradeep Rajagopalan

Consultant - Respiratory, Sleep and General Medicine
Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"Lisa Has been a very understanding ,compassionate and diligent throughout my quest. I would highly recommend her to medical professional seeking opportunities. She is thoroughly professional and cares for her clients."

Dr Manash Saha

General Medicine Consultant

"She helped me a lot to get my current job having lots of difficulty as I'm an overseas trained physician."