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A personalised recruitment service for locum jobs

We’re a leading locum doctor recruitment agency in Brisbane, Australia, here to help you secure your next opportunity.

Placing doctors in locum jobs that further careers

With a locum doctor job you can be extremely well paid while you enjoy an adventure in a new city. Boost your income with locum gigs that contribute to your financial future. Plus, you can further your career by seeking locum positions with hospitals that offer the rotations, training and specialities that suit you.

We’re a leading locum recruitment agency ready to help you

Combine pleasure with work

One of our clients is a New Zealand based doctor who loves to surf. From time to time, he’ll take on locum jobs in hospitals that give him access to Australia’s best surf beaches. It’s a great way for him to enjoy his passion for surfing while also securing additional income on top of his permanent salaried role.

Earn money on your family holiday

Many doctors working with us will combine family holidays with locum work. Have a holiday at the beach, city or in the outback and the kids can enjoy family fun while mum or dad works locally.

Try before you buy

Taking a short term locum role is a great way to test out a potential permanent move. Start with a locum job to see if it’s a good fit before you make a long-term commitment.

More than just money

It’s not just about earning a great salary. You need to work in the right hospital, with the shifts you prefer that allow you to enjoy your life outside of work. Plus, you have the chance to further your career by gaining exposure to other hospitals, so you’re always aware of best practice.

Meet the ME Medical team

Lisa McNair is our resident specialist locum doctor recruiter. For more than ten years she’s helped countless doctors secure fantastic locum jobs in Australia. With a focus on developing and maintaining relationships with hospitals across Australia, Lisa can offer insights into the right places to work — hospitals where you’ll get the training, development, support and guidance you need.

‘Finding a job is only part of the process. I believe in taking a holistic approach, and care deeply about the career success of my doctors. I will polish CVs, find schools, secure accommodation and much more. I truly partner with each doctor I work with. Only by understanding your needs and career goals can I find the right placement for you. If there’s nothing listed in the vacancies, I’ll contact the right hospital to create the exact locum doctor job you need.’

〜Lisa McNair, ME Medical

MEMedical Directors

How we find you the best locum jobs in Australia

Here's our process for securing locum doctor roles:

1 Discuss your career goals, locum objectives (salary, holiday, change of scene, career progression, etc) and understand your non-negotiables for your next locum role

Take your CV and polish it if necessary, so it truly reflects your unique skills and experience

Check your references and qualifications

Investigate the availability of roles, or proactively seek opportunities with key hospitals, present you with options to consider and support the application process

When you’ve found a position you want to accept, we tentatively book you in

You take leave from your current, permanent role

We’ll arrange accommodation, amenities and any other assistance you need while you are relocating

As you begin the locum placement, we’ll be in touch regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly and help with any work/life issues that may arise

Why choose us for your locum placements?

Locum specialists

We have more than ten years of experience finding locum jobs for doctors in Australia.

Support beyond the job

While you're working hard, we are available 24/7 to support you with anything you may need.

Proactive approach

If the current vacancies don’t suit, we’ll approach top hospitals to create the ideal placement.

Relationship driven

We treat you like a person and we partner with you to strategically manage your career.

Locum roles FAQ

How long does it take?

We’ve managed to find terrific locum doctor roles in as little as two weeks! Some doctors give us a fortnight’s notice, others give us six months — whatever works for you. 

What sort of rates can I earn?

It depends on the location, your skills and experience, but on the whole, locum roles are exceptionally well paid. In our initial consultation, we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect to earn. 

Can I get the work that I want?

We will work extremely hard to find the locum job that ticks all your boxes! We have great relationships with hospitals and strong experience, so we are very confident we can successfully secure the right placement for you.

What sort of jobs are available at the moment?

Check our jobs listings to see what’s available. If there’s nothing that appeals, contact us and we may be able to proactively find you a locum role that suits your requirements. 

Due to the fast paced environment of locum placements we have many unadvertised jobs available. So if you do not find what you want, call us and let us know what you’re looking for. We love the challenge of finding you the perfect locum role.