About ME Medical

A professional medical recruitment agency helping qualified doctors further their careers

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Using our 4 step LINK process we match the person to the job and work with you to find the best fit for your career and lifestyle.

Our approach allows us to tailor our guidance, where needed, and increase your probability of success in your selected field.

ME Medical Recruitment has been growing year on year, providing professional marketing, quality human resources for international, national and locum medical clients

Lisa McNair

Lisa McNair

Director and founder

Lisa McNair has been working in medical recruitment supporting qualified doctors for more than 10 years. Lisa firmly believes you should, “treat others the way you want to be treated,” and uses this as her guiding principle whilst supporting clients. 

Lisa understands the credentialing process within the medical industry and possesses a a firm knowledge of the systems, processes and pathways available to get registration in both Australia and New Zealand.

Lisa is proactive and if a position is not available, she will go out and find the right position for you.

Having spent years building strong relationships within the hospitals in both Australia and New Zealand, this ensures Lisa in up to date with the current recruitment climate, and requirements. Lisa is known as someone trusted in the industry and places equal dedication and value in balance for both doctors looking for work and hospitals/clinics requiring staff to ensure the right marriage occurs between both parties with honesty, integrity and passion.

Jayson Engler


Jayson joined Lisa in the business 6 years ago. Both firmly holding true to that value whilst growing the business.

Jayson brings a wealth of knowledge in the marketing and business sector and works behind the scenes in marketing, management and the accounts of ME.

Jayson’s 20+ years sales background, negotiation skills, contract and proposal management will allow ME to cover ground for our clients giving them every opportunity for success.

Our goal is to professionally market and provide quality human resource solutions for international, national and locum qualified medical clients, whilst keeping to our four core values.

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Drive

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